General Survey Services

We are happy to serve exclusively as a broker, finding buyers and negotiating the best price. Or we can take charge of the entire process managing your project and handling the required procedures, all the practicalities and the delivery itself.

ETNA Marine also provides husbandry and other services such as:

  • Pre loading hold condition survey.
  • Hold cleaning services.
  • Hold cleaning advice and reporting.
  • GLSA & FFE inspection and calibration services.
  • Fresh water supply services.
  • Garbage and sludge removal services.
  • Underwater survey and cleaning services.
  • Dry cleaning and laundry services.
  • Mobile sanitary and showers for field operations.
  • Car, bus and heavy hauler rentals.
  • Ticketing, transfer services and Medevac.
  • Telecommunication system and mobile phone rentals.

To learn all the solutions offered by our company and to get the service that suits your needs

If you haven't decided which service will be faster and more environmentally friendly for your business, as Etna Marine, we aim to provide quality, innovative and reliable services to our customers.
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